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Create a better environment in the laundry hall

ADBL delivers a whole range of solid and fragrant products to both the enthusiast and the professional market. From prewash to rubber renewer, ADBL has a large selection for all types of vehicles and players in car cosmetics.
Through an advanced development process, ADBL has created a series of car care products that are rich in results and effective, but which at the same time take care of the user through fragrant products. By using ADBL’s products, the car wash will be easier and more comfortable as the products do not have a strong smell and everyone has a barcode that leads you to an instructional video that shows how they can be used.


ADBL carries a number of prewash products that are effective against dirt and traffic film. From strong acid-based to non-acid-based. With the user in focus, ADBL’s products have a neutral or fragrant odor to improve the environment in the laundry room.

Acid Cherry Foam

A highly concentrated foam soap that is very effective against dirt and other impurities that adhere to the paint. This acid-based foam prewash is very functional and penetrates all the dirt that has adhered. Acid Cherry Foam is most suitable for larger vehicles that do not have a paint that is sensitive to stronger chemicals, such as trucks and tractors as it is very strong.

Traffic Film Remover

TFR is an alkaline product dedicated to removing traffic film from all types of vehicles. Through a unique formula with minimal foam that accelerates dirt penetration and separates traffic film from the surface. This prewash can be used as a strong prewash but also as an insect remover or rim cleaner.

Alkaline Active Foam

A highly concentrated alkaline foam-based prewash. This product is well suited for car washes and self-service halls at gas stations. Through foaming or spraying, Alkaline Active Foam has a unique ability to clean and dissolve deeply ingrained dirt and traffic film. This prewash is very expensive to use, has a slightly higher pH value and can be used for quick washes.


A prewash soap that is not acid-based with a neutral pH that does not damage wax or seal during the washing process. This prewash is very suitable for car care centers and professionals, very effective against dirt and is just as effective as stronger acid-based prewashes. Through a large amount of moisture and foaming agents, the foaming has a texture of whipped cream on the surfaces and leaves the car clean. ADBL Yeti comes in a variety of fragrances such as Tropical Night, Polynesian Forest, Chemical Berry and Cherry Ice Cream.

Polymer Fruit Wax Rinse Wax

Unique product based on new generation polymers, referred to as lacquer sealant. A nice finish to the car wash, as the rinsing wax dries, protects and has a shiny effect on all types of paint. Works well with foam lance and has a great hydrophobic effect. This minimizes manual drying and is a nice extra offer to offer in car washes.

ADBL Snowball Car Shampoo

ADBL Snowball Car Shampoo is a very mild shampoo that is well suited for vehicles that are more vulnerable to chemicals. This is a car shampoo that is pH neutral and is used for touch washing. Ideal for car care centers as it gives a great shine, does not damage the paint seal and is super effective.

ADBL from A to Z.

As one of the few companies, ADBL develops its products from idea and design to production. As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in car cosmetics, ADBL is one of the few players that performs the entire production process itself. The whole process takes place in modern facilities in Warsaw, Poland. ADBL’s ingredients, tools and accessories are used by professionals, enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates efficiency and value.

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