Do you have plans to remove metal particles from the rims? Have you ever wondered why you see pictures of rims with purple liquid all over the rim? Is it the product that is purple, and why is everyone purple? We have often had many people drop by our physical store and ask ourselves why the rims turn purple and every single customer is equally impressed when we explain why.

What is a metal particle remover?

Metal particle removers are chemicals specially designed to remove small iron particles that adhere to paints and rims via a chemical reaction without having to scrub or other type of mechanical washing process. When the metal particle remover comes into contact with iron particles, the chemical reaction is formed and the liquid changes color to purple.

Where do metal particles come from?

Metal particles can come from many different sources, but the most common sources are brake dust, airborne dust, studded dust or places where there is a lot of iron or work with iron (factories, workshops and train tracks).

How can you tell if your vehicle has metal particles?

The easiest way to identify metal particles is by looking for small “orange / brown” pieces around the vehicle and on the rims. If you find this, we strongly recommend removing these as soon as possible.

What ADBL products can I use to remove metal particles?

  • ADBL Vampire Light metal particle remover is the safest to use and well suited for “beginners”. Super efficient metal particle remover that ensures penetration through metal particles. It has a neutral pH value and has a gel consistency. It does not dry quickly and can be left on the car for up to 15 minutes. It can be used on both paint and rims.
  • ADBL Vampire Liquid is our most versatile and fastest metal particle remover. It reacts very quickly and penetrates deep and dissolves and can remove metal particles easily. It is pH-neutral and is safe for paint and rims. ADBL Vampire Liquid has a regular liquid consistency so it dries faster than Vampire Light.
  • ADBL Vampire GEL is the strongest variant and we recommend this for the most demanding jobs that have a lot of metal particles. Vampire GEL penetrates the most affected surfaces and can stand on the car for up to 30 minutes and work to loosen the metal particles. This, like our other metal particle removers, is also pH-neutral.
We recommend these products;
  • ADBL BFF Spray jug
  • ADBL Round Detailing Brush

Quick guide to removing metal particles

  • Take a pre-wash of the car first so that dirt and other impurities are washed away
  • Spray on desired ADBL metal particle remover on exposed areas
  • Let the product work until you see that there is a reaction and the fabric turns purple
  • Feel free to use the ADBL KIT Round Detailing Brush to penetrate deeper
  • Do not allow the product to dry
    Rinse with high pressure washer
  • Repeat the process if there are still metal particles on the surfaces.

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