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ADBL + Clay = Success!

We have spent a lot of time developing products to leave a surface that is completely clean and ready for all types of treatments that require a clean surface. The equipment we have developed to claye the surfaces is versatile, practical and comes in all sizes. Not only that, but we have also developed special chemicals that will make the job easier and safer so that you do not damage the paint.

ADBL Clay Bar

This is our most used clay which is very effective and gets to all nooks and crannies that are most often «forgotten». Clay Bar has an ergonomic shape and is very easy to control.

ADBL Clay Mitt

This is a clay glove that is perfect to use on larger surfaces, you only need to put on the glove and start claying. The high quality of the glove ensures a safe and efficient clay process.

ADBL Clay Towel

Large Clay towel that is intended for heavy duty clay and removes large surfaces in a short time. Like its clay «siblings», this one is safe and effective.
Like the equipment, our chemicals are carefully developed so that they are safe for all surfaces. The chemicals combined with the Clay equipment ensure a good result.

ADBL Slippy

This is our latest addition to the Clay family. A new formula that creates extra glide due to thicker consistency and chemistry that protects the substrate for clay equipment.

ADBL Clay Glide

Clay Glide is our first product designed to protect the substrate and accelerate the clay process.
ADBL Shampoo + Clay = Good combination if you do not have Clay lubricant.
Haven’t bought Slippy or Clay Glide? No danger, but we recommend always using a remedy designed for clay.
You can use shampoo for clay, just make sure that the shampoo has a thick consistency and good glide. Tips & Warnings All our shampoos have this and can be used nicely. r clay.

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